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Namikango Mission

Service Description

Namikango Mission is a faith based institution providing various services including an outpatient clinic to its surrounding communities in Thondwe Malawi.


Encap Data Solutions developed a customized out-patient information management system for Namikango Clinic. The System is a comprehensive solution designed to automate daily tasks within the clinic. Its primary objective is to foster a collaborative environment among different departments, thereby enhancing overall facility efficiency.


The system ensures secure access to accurate and up-to-date information, expedites internal processes, and facilitates seamless communication across various sections of the clinic.


Key functionalities of the system include:


  1. Registration: Enables nurses to register patients by collecting demographic information and vitals.
  2. Consultant/Clinician: Facilitates thorough patient examinations, diagnosis, prescription, and treatment recording, streamlining patient care processes.
  3. Laboratory: Allows lab technicians to conduct tests ordered by consultants, track test kits, and provide test results efficiently.
  4. Accounts/Cashier: Tracks patient treatments, procedures, and medication prescriptions for billing purposes, ensuring accurate financial transactions.
  5. Pharmacy: Manages medication dispensing, tracks inventory, and generates restock notifications based on usage levels, ensuring continuous availability of medications.
  6. Stores: Handles stock management, restocking, and generates reports on stock availability and usage.
  7. Reports: Enables easy generation of various reports including patient attendance, financial, and stock inventory reports, enhancing data-driven decision-making.


The system is networked within the clinic premises, utilizing server, router, and Wi-Fi technology for seamless accessibility across departments. Robust security measures are implemented to safeguard data integrity, availability, and confidentiality, including user authentication, audit logs, and infrastructure security protocols.


The Namikango Out-Patient Information Management System is designed for scalability and efficiency, with the ability to integrate external software for expanded functionalities in the future.